Comegys After-School Program

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What is Mass Incarceration? ​Is an enrichment program designed to introduce middle school students to how the criminal justice system functions in the United States. This program seeks to give students a better understanding of what important legislation led to the current size and makeup of the carceral state as well as the social justice issues that have arisen in relation to mass incarceration. Biweekly lectures by Penn professors and students will provide middle school students with key ideas and information about criminal justice topics. On the weeks in between lectures, debriefs will give students time to reflect on the previous week’s lecture, ask questions, and engage in activities or discussions based on the previous week’s topic.

I. Program Duration

12 weeks, 6 lectures and 6 debriefs

Spring 2018 (February – April)

II. Length of Each Session

One hour sessions – May increase time depending upon engagement

III. Tracking Program Success

A six question testimony will be distributed at the final session to track program engagement and success.

IV. Contact

  1. Anna Estep –
  2. Madison Dawkins –
  3. Minna Fingerhood –
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