Meet Our Team

We are a group of college students dedication to criminal justice reform.

Meet Our Board:

IMG_4581Madison Dawkins – Founder & President

Madison is committed to criminal justice reform, and hopes to use BARS as a platform to bring awareness to the injustices that the plague the U.S Criminal justice system.


unnamed-1Cary Holley – BARS Publication Team

Cary joined BARS after finding out about the systematic oppression in our criminal justice system. She hopes that BARS will be able make an impact on the criminal justice system in Philadelphia through bringing awareness to inequality and volunteering for local nonprofits.


unnamed.jpgNia Kaudo- BARS Publication Team

Nia Kaudo is a senior double majoring in Africana Studies and Political Science at the University of Pennsylvania. She joined BARS, because she agreed that a space to engage in honest dialogue about the inner workings of America’s carceral society was both urgent and necessary on this campus. Attending school in Philadelphia, which has felt the implications of mass incarceration particularly hard among its residents of color, has created a strong responsibility and a passion in her to work towards reversing the damage and expansion of these practices. Nia describes joining BARS was one of the most meaningful choices she has made during her time at Penn!



Chinaechelum Vincent- BARS Publication Team

Once Naeche’s eyes were opened to the truths and horrors of what is mass incarceration, it was something she couldn’t stay away from. When a system is working against so many people in society, she believes that we must fight back. Through BARS, she has a platform to help those effectedalong with many like-minded and driven individuals with the same goal. It’s time to end the age of mass incarceration and enter an era of education, rehabilitation, and liberation.

Jenna Liu – BARS Marketing Teamunnamed-2

Jenna is a sophomore in the college studying PPE and hoping to pursue law after graduation. She first became involved with criminal justice issues as a student reporter interviewing victims of Missouri’s oppressive drug policies. She is excited to continue this work with BARS and hopes that the space can facilitate an important discourse at Penn about the need for change in the system.

unnamed-3.jpgJordan Andrews – BARS Communications Team 

Jordan is a sophomore in the College studying Political Science, French, and Public Policy. She joined BARS to help build a forum for discussion about criminal justice issues on campus. Through BARS, Jordan hopes to use her communications role to broaden the conversations around mass incarceration and individual incarcerated people, focusing on the aspect of human dignity and thereby putting pressure on lawmakers and the justice system.



Aaliyah Meacham – Recruitment


 Aaliyah joined BARS because the criminal justice system disproportionately affects minority groups in the US. In the future, she plans to go to Law School so that she can help reform the system as her profession.